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Products produced by AS WOODBAKERS in the biggest sawmill in Belarus (subsidiary “Vitebskaja Lesopilka”) is exported around the globe.

8MW woodchip fired boiler house, ”Vitebskaja Lesopilka”, Vitebsk, Belarus.

Goal: The main goal was to organize the supply of the hot water for the lumber production process and heating system. During the project implementation dismounting works of the existing boiler house equipment were carried out along with the supply and installation of the new technological equipment with 13MW total power (8MW biomass + 5MW gas). To fulfil all the requirements for the equipment SC KOMFORTS GROUP have supplied, already well known on the market furnace with moving grate system – KAP series and integrated vertical type hot water boiler AK with nominal power of the system – 8MW. This system is very effective and highly reliable to work with very wet fuels, up to 60% moisture content. The boiler is equipped with automated soot blowing system and there is not only main technological equipment included in the scope of supply, but full set of peripheral equipment, such as walking floors for fuel storage with active stock over 400m3 and fuel conveying system, ash cleaning system, fumes cleaning system, installation, start-up andcommissioning of the equipment, process automation (boiler plant is fully autonomous) and organisation of the cascade boiler system. SC KOMFORTS GROUP is supporting customer with the long term maintenance contract and consistent remote monitoring of the boiler house. This allows customer to be fully dedicated to the main production.

Power: 8MW / 110 C t 6 bar, hot water for the technological process and heating.

Fuel: shavings 100% / woodchips 100% / bark 100%, 30 - 60% moisture. Waste from the lumber production process.

Project realization: 10.2016 – start-up 10.2017

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