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Three decades FERGY AS brand (previously KOMFORTS GROUP) focuses on offering sustainable energy solutions to our customers, implementing projects (0,5-30 MW) where various types of biomass are processed into efficient and green energy.

We turn solid fuels into hot water, steam or hot air, offering individual solutions in different combinations.

Our customers include international energy production concerns, as well as small local heat companies. We implement projects both in rural villages and residential districts of large cities.
Our customers represent enterprises from food, agricultural and other industrial sectors — these are companies choosing effective and sustainable solutions toreduce the production costs.
Since we often use wood waste as biomass in our projects, our clients include many large and small timber companies and pellet plants that intend to use residue-free production technologies.

We have customers and projects in 13 countries - regions such as Spain, Scandinavia, Baltic States, as well as North-East Russia and the Arctic Circle area are not exceptions, but rather the standard situations for our equipment. Complex fuel and conditions do not imply any deviations from the high-set standards concerning the flexibility and the emission quotas of the fuel used.

Our customers represent different industries, like:


  • Private and municipal heat companies;

  • Woodworking companies - complying with the principle of residue-free technologies, wood residue is used for drying of wood or producing pellets;

  • Companies representing agricultural, food and other industrial sectors.

In close collaboration with our customers and long-term partners, in each region we work based on this scheme:


  • Feasibility study;

  • Conception and preliminary engineering;

  • Project elaboration and detailed technical engineering;

  • Design;

  • Production;

  • Assembly;

  • Commissioning;

  • Guarantee and after-sales service.

Preceding process analysis followed by implementation in the long term ensures a wider range of options and lower costs for the customer. Customer safety is our priority - our state-of-the-art technologies and partner network allow us to be as close as possible at all times or remotely monitor the quality and other indicators of the combustion process, as well as constantly ensure the best indicators for our customers.

Our work is not limited to implementation of new projects; we also analyze all the options for using the existing infrastructure. Reconstruction of present boiler plants and improvements in their operation to reach the maximum capacity and efficiency are often sufficient and major investment is not needed.

About us


Our engineering department works with up-to-date software programmes. All the software applied for the design and engineering work, as well as for estimates of durability, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and thermodynamics is developed on the CADD basis (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting). In its turn, the estimates are calculated with the FEM-method (Finite Element Method). The main benefit of the new modern programming options is time efficiency regarding the design works required for developing new equipment and boiler plants.

Engineering Plans

In cases when customer wishes non-standard solutions, the company's designing department is always examining all the possible methods and ways to adjust and construct the facilities to suit the specific requirements.

When necessary, the designing department can quickly provide estimates for boiler plant equipment (NPV, IRR), and offer the most appropriate bioenergy equipment considering customer’s wishes.

FERGY AS professionals can also help improving the technical and economic parameters and optimize the existing boiler plant equipment.



Experience, state-of-the-art equipment, responsibility and quality control of all production stages allow us to optimise the production process and ensure the high quality of the produced equipment.

Production at FERGY AS is carried out in compliance with the following standards: industrial hot water boilers in line with the EU Directive 97/23 EC, free-standing chimneys in line with LVS EN 13084-7, welding process quality testing system in accordance with EN ISO 3834-2.  


FERGY AS in cooperation with its partners in Baltic and Scandinavia ensures fast and high-quality work on site, which allows completing projects in shortest time possible. We control and take part in all processes from accurate concreting of the foundation and main structures to completion of 72h perfomance tests and commissioning.



In order to extend the lifetime of the equipment, it is important to ensure professional maintenance of boiler plant equipment, offered by FERGY AS service experts. It is essential to maintain correct automated control parameters (e.g. air supply in furnace), which ensures optimal combustion processes with minimum fuel consumption, lower flue gas temperature, automated ash discharge processes, better flue gas composition, etc.

FERGY AS thermal engineering facilities comply with all the current ecological and energy efficiency requirements. Our job is to introduce our customers with the latest innovations in the heat- engineering sector and the ultimate solutions for the improvement of the existing facilities in order to achieve more efficient operation of the facilities.

24h a day and 7 days a week - equipment maintenance and compliance with operational terms serve as the basis for long-term and efficient operation of the equipment. Timely servicing, replacement of worn-out heating units, combustion process monitoring - it will be safer for you to carry out all these processes in collaboration with the manufacturer.



FERGY AS focuses on guaranteed quality. We strive to offer our customers only the highest quality products and full maintenance service.

The produced equipment and the offered services are certified in line with the applicable EU Directives (CE marking applies to all supplied equipment), and the effective regulatory enactments of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.



FERGY AS is one of the Latvian companies which care about the future and development of the branch represented by the company. Being aware that only successful cooperation with other companies of this branch can provide the achievement of the desired results, FERGY, by expressing its own position, actively participates in various non-governmental organizations:

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Each year, each day and each hour the company is improving its existing products and developing new solutions. If you take a look at operation of our equipment in 1994, 2004, 2014 and 2022 you will notice a constant development.
FERGY AS team of engineers cooperates with leading technical experts from Latvia (Riga Technical University and others), as well as foreign specialists. As a result of this cooperation, we have both developed the existing products and created new ones, particularly in the last 5 years - these products include a flue gas condenser, a new efficient heating equipment line KAPAK with the power range from 1 to 5 MW where a single machine combines furnace / boiler and multi-cyclonе providing high level of efficiency using fuel of different kinds and moisture content. 


Exclusively water cooling furnace with the ability to burn Waste Wood and RDF was presented to the market in 2017.

These and other constantly innovative solutions make us go further in our technical development every day.



Are you looking not just for a job, but for a purpose and want actively develop yourself  along with the continuosly growing company?

If you have an engineering education, a positive attitude towards work, the ability to work both individually and in a team, we invite you to join our company!

Please send your CV and covering letter via following email address:

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