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Using an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) along with proprietary technologies, the Power+ Generator converts sources of  geothermal heat and waste heat into electricity – with no additional emissions or fuel consumption.

ElectraTherm’s heat recovery systems utilize low temperature heat sources previously deemed insufficient for power generation to do just that – generate power. With units available in multiple sizes with a larger (300 kW) unit in development, ElectraTherm’s systems are ideal for small- and mid-scale applications.

The Power+ Generator effectively utilizes available thermal energy (excess heat) to produce clean electricity. In addition to this, the heat recovery system can (1) serve as a combined heat and power (CHP) system, (2) act as a radiator alternative with the ability to substantially reduce or eliminate the cooling load, and (3) provide a profitable means of reducing natural gas flaring.

Higher temperature heat sources – such as thermal oils and exhaust gases – can be utilized with the deployment of an additional heat exchanger.

FERGY AS with the support of ElectraTherm’s heat recovery systems is offering turn-key solution (starting from the selection and design up to the erection and start-up). After sales support is available in several packages.


Highlights of the technology

Generates up to 150 kWe (gross).

Increases efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and emissions up to 10%.

Zero emissions or fossil fuel requirements.

Modular, scalable system that can be adjusted to fit changing needs.

Simple, robust design with minimal footprint.

Developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Energy.

Closed-loop system minimizes water consumption.

Easy installation with remote operation and monitoring.

Short payback period (2 – 5 years).

NEMA 3R / IP 54 compliant, CE certified.

Sound attenuated option <72db at 1 meter.

Qualifies for clean energy incentives*


The integration of a semi-hermetic, twin-screw expander gives ElectraTherm’s ORC

systems an advantage over competitive technologies and opens market opportunities

where waste heat recovery has previously been either impossible or unpractical.

The custom built expander, along with proprietary technologies and lower operating

speeds, provides a more cost-efficient, robust design that greatly enhances reliability

and functionality. ElectraTherm’s ORC process utilizes much more variable heat sources

made possible by the expanders’ ability to handle “wet” dual-phase flow, leading to

greater turndown ratios which allow for continuous power generation when dealing with

inconsistent thermal conditions.




The simple and flexible nature of our ORC solutions allows them to be adjusted to fit the needs of any application. A robust, modular, and scalable design allows the system to be easily integrated into existing processes while allowing for future adjustments. Able to successfully operate at partial loads with varying conditions also means that the system will produce electricity even when your processes are not at capacity.


Every ElectraTherm product goes through a rigorous testing process at our world-class R&D test cell to ensure absolute reliability. Our technicians and dedicated global partners offer full support for any issues you may encounter throughout the product lifecycle.


Our systems use existing heat as fuel, keeping operating costs minimal. ElectraTherm converts this heat into clean electricity, ready immediately. This increases energy efficiency – up to 10% – while substantially reducing energy consumption, primarily the cooling load. ElectraTherm’s ORC solutions may also qualify for local sustainability incentives as well as enabling micro-grid functionality in remote regions. With an impressive 20-year design life and a payback period of 3-5 years, the economics amount to an attractive return on investment.


Over 50% of energy used in power generation and industrial processes is lost as heat – making this heat an enormous source of renewable energy. Increasing energy efficiency by upcycling this waste heat into emission-free electricity is the single easiest way to mitigate emissions and achieve sustainability goals.



Active Cooller

Power generation and industrial processes generate considerable heat loads, requiring cooling systems to reject the heat. This is not only a waste of energy but consumes additional power leading to increased costs and emissions.


The Active Cooler converts the heat from engine cooling circuits into clean electricity while eliminating parasitic cooling loads. This leads the system to act as a net-zero cooling solution with the added benefit of power generation when conditions are optimal.


During peak cooling demand, the ORC expander is bypassed and the system prioritizes cooling, fulfilling cooling requirements regardless of power generation. This is the only time, other than initial startup, that the Active Cooler will consume power that is not its own.


The Active Cooler is an ideal fit for any business that implements commercial cooling to expel heat greater than 70°C (greater than 400 kWth). Common industries that could benefit from net-zero cooling to power include manufacturing, air / gas compression, wastewater treatment, biogas production as well as sectors that generate power such as power plants, landfills, well pads, and other micro-grids. These industries produce large amounts of heat and require cooling. Designed with flexibility in mind, the Active Cooler is easily integrated into existing systems and scalable to multiple megawatt heat loads.


  • Provides full-load cooling for the engine.

  • Generates up to 75 kWe (gross).

  • Zero emissions or fossil fuel requirements.

  • Increases efficiency by offsetting the cooling load.

  • Modular, scalable system that can be adjusted to fit changing needs.

  • Closed-loop system minimizes water consumption.

  • Induction generator allows for simple electrical connection and start up.

  • Reduces engine derate due to insufficient cooling.

  • A simple and reliable baseload power supply in remote areas.

  • Serves as a radiator / cooling tower alternative, offsetting capital costs.

  • Easy installation with remote operation.

  • Simple, robust design with minimal footprint.

  • Short payback period (2 – 5 years).

  • Qualifies for clean energy incentives.*



Not only is engine cooling an unavoidable operating expense, but all radiators must be replaced eventually. By installing an Active Cooler as a radiator alternative, you benefit from the offset cooling load in addition to increased efficiency through either reduced fuel consumption or increased power output – with no additional fuel consumption or emissions.

For remote applications, such as oil and gas operations, the ability to serve as a net-zero cooling system as well as a micro-grid providing a baseload power supply allows operators to implement processes that rely on electricity, a commodity previously not provided.



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