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Combined generation of electricity and heat, i.e. cogeneration, is a method of generating electrical energy in which the heat released during the electricity generation process is used in a useful way, thus achieving a very high efficiency of use of energy contained in the fuel. At the same time, this process minimizes the losses that occur in conventional electricity generation. Due to the efficient use of “waste heat”, the combined heat and electricity generation can save up to 70 % of the energy contained in the fuel compared to separate electricity and heat generation.


Advantages of Cogeneration

  • It saves fuel sources and CO2 emissions

  • It uses renewable sources of energy

  • It generates electricity in the place of its consumption









Advantages of TEDOM CHP units

  • The construction of each CHP power serie is designed to assure the highest efficiency and to make the installation as easy as possible.

  • Long lifetime and reliability of TEDOM CHP units is a result of continuous technical development of all its components and optimization of maintenance period.

  • The operation of TEDOM CHP units is fully automatic and is ready to be controlle

Application of gas CHP units

  • CHP units find their use in all buildings with high and relatively constant heat consumption.

  • CHP units can burn different types of biogas, in addition to natural gas or LPG. This feature significantly expands the possibilities of their use.

  • The operation of CHP units is not dependent on weather conditions. Because of their flexibility of electricity and heat generation, they are often the basis of large energy centres.

Fuel for CHP units

  • CHP units burn both natural gas and LPG as well as various biogas types. Biogas is generated as a product of the biomass decomposition in agricultural biogas plants, municipal recycling centres, or during the waste-water treatment process. Other types of gas can be used for the production of power including mine gas, which is generated when coal is being mined, in closed mines, or at oil well heads.

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