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First heating season has passed!


Limbažu Siltums Sia

A good design is the necessary starting and ending point in a complete boiler house implementation.

Each boiler house is unique! But obviously, much easier is to build greenfield projects, when you can start your design from the scratch with minimum borders and limits.

First heating season has passed for the upgraded district heating plant in the city of Limbazi. This was a challenging turn-key retrofit project for our team in 2020!

Direct contact flue gas condenser for 10MW capacity, which was supplied and installed by our team is performing just great, results on the efficiency are proven not only by the performance test, but during routine operation of the boiler house throughout the winter season. And with new electrostatic precipitator this boiler house now is up to the strictest European emission standards.

Apart from FGC and ESP, Komforts Group scope of supply included 5MW boiler system with moving grate combustion and vertical hot water boiler (KAP+AK system), primary flue gas treatment, flue gas and air ducts, flue gas fans, free standing insulated chimney, servicing platforms and engineering networks and complete automation of the boiler house. Water side was redesigned as well, piping including several heat exchanges, armature and pumps system were supplied and installed.

We rely on the rule that hard work is the key to success and we are confident that boiler house in Limbazi will serve the residents of the city for a long time!

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