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In the beginning of 2018, a boiler plant with a capacity of 3MW, operating on biomass was commissioned. This is already the third project of AS KOMFORTS GROUP for the woodworking company AS BARRUS. Client: BARRUS AS

Goal: The Client highly evaluated quality of our equipment and ability to offer the best possible solution for different tasks and all this is confirmed with the long-term cooperation in a subject of energy efficient equipment for wood drying process. Currently, AS “KOMFORTS GROUP” equipment is supplying more then 20 wood drying kilns. 

The first set of boilers (2 boilers x 1MW), fired with 100% shavings (W=10%) were supplied and installed at the AS BARRUS production more then 10 years ago. Following an increase of the business volumes the Client expanded production and during the year 2014 we have supplied additional 3MW system fired with 100% pine bark with the moisture up to 65%, straight from the debarking process.

In the beginning of 2018, one more biomass boiler with 3MW capacity was supplied. This is an updated version of the KAPAK series front furnace with moving grates, horizontal hot water boiler and integrated multi-cyclone. The main fuel for this unit suppose to be shavings with 8%-10% moisture.
Operation of the boiler plants is fully automated.

Total Power: 8MW / 110 C t 6 bar, hot water for wood drying process.

Fuel: shavings 100% / wood chips 100% / bark 100%, 10 - 65% moisture
Project realisation period: July 2007 – February 2018

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