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New market opportunities


We are proud to announce that FERGY AS has recently entered a new market and is actively involved in supplying equipment for several high-capacity biomass boiler houses in Spain now.

Some might think that summer reigns all year round in Spain, but it is definitely not the case, especially in highlands with provinces in Northern or Central Spain like Soria, Cuenca, Palencia coming to mind, places where during the wintertime any of us would prefer to have some reasonable heating source. The country has finally reached the trend of abandoning fossil fuels along with decentralised heating points and began to actively build biomass district heating systems.

As the price of fossil fuels jumped to record highs due to recent events and climate changes focused people’s attention on CO2 neutral fuels, biomass heating systems became increasingly popular and effective all over Europe.

Biomass is organic material which has stored solar energy in plants from sunlight in the process of photosynthesis. It is the largest renewable resource in the world and Spain was among those countries which were putting wooden biomass availability as priority for decades. Now it is the right moment to start using this advantage.

Apart from tech grade, fast growing biomass trees play a huge part. Spain has an important potential in terms of use of residual biomass derived from agricultural crops. Specifically, Spain has the largest cultivated area of both vineyards and olive groves in Europe, with a production of biomass from the olive groves about 4 times larger than that of vineyards.

FERGY AS has been successfully working in designing, manufacturing and commissioning industrial boiler houses and its equipment in Europe for more than 30 years, whilst also taking care of the environment and making our world a better place. We are pleased to share our experiences and to face new challenges!

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