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Varkauden Aluelämpö Oy/A-REHU Oy

Steam boiler plant with a 3.5 MW / 5t/h capacity, operating on oat shell pellets was commissioned in December 2017. This project was challenging and very interesting for our team as it was first in our history with such type of biomass. SC KOMFORTS GROUP realised this project in cooperation with OSMO KAULAMO Engineering Oy (OKE) and energy company Varkauden Aluelämpö Oy, the main purpose of this boiler plant is to supply the steam for the A-REHU Oy production facility and hot water for district heating in Varkaus, FInland.

Goal: The main goal was to organize effective and reliable steam supply for the A-REHU Oy production facility in Varkaus, Finland and hot water supply for district heating system. The equipment should be capable to maintain nominal capacity operating on the oat shell pellets as the main fuel. Taking into consideration the specification of the stated fuel, SC KOMFORTS GROUP designed and manufactured furnace which is fully capable to work on 100% oat shell pellets. Various positions were also included in the scope of supply, such as fuel delivery system, ash cleaning system, free standing insulated chimney. At the same time, SC KOMFORTS GROUP specialist where involved in the technical project management, developed combustion control algorithm and carried out equipment installation, start-up and commissioning.

Power: 3.5MW / 4,3t/h steam with working parameters: 165C t / 5 bar, for technological purposes.

Fuel: oat shell pellets 100%, 6 - 10% moisture.

Project realization: 04.2017 – start-up 12.2017

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