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District Heating

The 14.8MW District Heating wood biomass boiler house project in Soria, Spain.

Set to be operational in 2023, represents a significant advancement in sustainable energy solutions. This project features a comprehensive set of equipment tailored to enhance efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Key components of the system include:

Fuel Handling System: This system is designed for the efficient management and transportation of biomass fuel to the furnace. It ensures a steady supply of biomass, maintaining the continuous operation of the boiler house.

Moving Grate Furnace with Hydraulic Feeder: The heart of the biomass boiler house, this furnace efficiently burns biomass fuel. The moving grate mechanism allows for the gradual movement of the biomass through the furnace, ensuring complete combustion. The hydraulic feeder facilitates the smooth and controlled delivery of biomass into the furnace.

Vertical Stand Alone Hot Water Boiler (125°C): This boiler is designed to heat water to a temperature of 125°C using the thermal energy generated from the biomass combustion. Its vertical design saves space, making it ideal for compact boiler house layouts.

Dry Economizer: An essential component for energy efficiency, the dry economizer recovers heat from flue gases and uses it to preheat the feed water, thereby reducing the fuel requirement and improving the overall efficiency of the system.

Multi-Cyclone: This is an air pollution control device that removes particulates from the flue gases before they are released into the atmosphere. It works on the principle of centrifugal separation and is critical for meeting environmental regulations.

Ash Discharge System: Post-combustion, the ash produced as a by-product is safely and efficiently removed from the furnace area through this system. It ensures clean operation and easy disposal of waste materials.

Automation: The entire biomass boiler house is equipped with advanced automation systems for monitoring and controlling various processes. This includes the regulation of fuel supply, temperature control, emissions monitoring, and safety checks. Automation not only improves efficiency but also ensures safer operation of the boiler house.

Together, these components create a sophisticated and eco-friendly heating solution that aligns with modern energy and environmental standards. The project is a testament to the evolving capabilities in renewable energy technologies and their application in district heating systems.

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District Heating


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