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Limbazu Siltums

A good design is the necessary starting and ending point in a complete boiler house implementation.

Each boilerhouse is unique! But obviously, much easier is to build greenfield projects, when you can start your design from the scratch with minimum borders and limits.

Completely different story is when you have to perform reconstruction and retrofit of the existing boiler house as in case of 10MW retrofit project in Limbazi, Latvia.

Our client is local energy company – Limbazu Siltums and our scope included all-sided design, civil works, manufacturing of the equipment (technological and side equipment), erection, start-up and commission.

This is turn-key retrofit project for biomass fired district heating plant. We have fully rebuilt biomass storage (provided concrete works, new walking floor, system of fuel chain conveyors for 2 boiler lines), added installation of the new boiler system with moving grate combustion and vertical hot water boiler (KAP+AK system), direct contact flue gas condenser , electrostatic precipitator, free standing insulated chimney, several heat exchangers, water side piping and pumps system, flue gas and air ducts, flue gas fans, complete automation of the boiler house and electrical installation were in our scope as well.

As a result, we raised up capacity of the boilerhouse and what is the most important total efficiency of the system and quality of the flue gas treatment up to the latest norms and standards!

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