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Tukuma Siltums

Modern, compact biomass boilerhouse for local energy company Tukuma Siltums. FERGY AS have manufactured and supplied full set of technological equipment including 3-pass horizontal boiler integrated into combustion with angular moving grates. This was the first object where we have installed equipment with new design and new visualization for automatic control system (ACS).

Grate frame, fixed grates as well as walls of the combustion are water-cooled. The system is designed to be fired with woodchips up to 55% of moisture content and to be operated up to 110℃ / 6 bar.

From the side equipment we have provided module type fuel storage (prefabricated with pushers, hydraulics and receiving fuel conveyor), fuel feeder, ash removal and handling equipment, primary flue gas treatment. Mounting of the equipment was done by FERGY AS as well.

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